Lana Radusin | 26/03/2021

Discover what working in our team entails

amondi Media is a German company that also operates in Croatia. How does that reflect on the company workflow?

Our story began five years ago, and in the last year, we’ve experienced significant growth and expanded our portfolio and team. The team is made up of young, innovative, and flexible people. As for our workflow, last year we didn’t have to do much adjusting to the work-from-home situation. Given that we have offices in Zagreb, Koprivnica, Austria, and Germany, working with our colleagues long-distance has been a standard for us even before lockdowns. We also have external collaborators from all over the world, with whom we often work on different projects. Due to this, even Vietnamese New Year’s congratulations can be found on our internal Slack channels!

Apart from the fact that remote work functions very effectively at amondi, we also love having less formal get-togethers in person, when the circumstances allow it.

What does the scope of work for an IT and media development agency include?

We create effective and holistic concepts in the field of web design, development, and digital marketing. Along with a large number of web projects, we also offer digital marketing solutions, striving to ensure our clients can get all tools needed to elevate their business from one source. Most of our clients come from Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. 

Our focus is always on the quality of products and services delivered, and the industries our clients come from are very diverse. If you take a look at our portfolio, you will find e-commerce platforms for consumer goods, digital marketing solutions for a machine learning startup from Switzerland, as well as custom software for logistics and insurance companies.

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What are the business advantages of being present in multiple countries?

We believe that the presence in multiple markets is our biggest advantage and the thing that differentiates us from similar companies. For example, in German and Swiss markets, our prices are competitive, while we still maintain a high quality standard. Our clients have recognized this, and many opportunities have opened up for us this way. In addition, our great advantage are native speakers that enable us to offer our clients content in multiple languages. We are also always happy to connect our clients with external collaborators from other markets, thus allowing them to optimize their budget.

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What’s current at amondi?

We are currently looking for an experienced digital designer to join our team. We are also looking for developers; those who know the ins and outs of Shopify, as well as a Senior Laravel / PHP developer.

If you have the skills and think that you would fit well into our team – we would love to meet you! Send us your CV at [email protected].

What are the plans for the future of the company?

We plan on growing and developing in a sustainable way – maintaining the quality of work and satisfaction of all team members is crucial to us. Given the needs and inquiries of clients, we are currently considering opening offices in some other countries as well. All in all, this is just the beginning and we are looking forward to everything that awaits us!

To end things off, we asked our CEO Nordin for an overview of amondi processes and working with clients from different countries:

Nordin: Being present in multiple countries certainly makes our work days dynamic and interesting. Even though working with clients in different time zones sometimes requires waking up at 3 am for overseas calls, we are gaining valuable experience with each new project by working with people from different cultures and with different mentalities.

We have to be agile and adaptable with our sales and client services processes. For example, clients from the USA are more sales-oriented compared to European clients, therefore emphasizing pricing, ROI, etc. has proven to be most effective when negotiating with USA clients and prospects. When it comes to client servicing, we’ve also learned to tailor our ways of communication and operating mode according to what suits our clients best. With Germans, it’s straight to business, while Croatians love a more casual approach, such as some coffee before meetings. 🙂


As for our team, I believe that the variety within the collective gives us an edge and makes us more creative. Different outlooks and approaches to work can provide valuable input and lead to higher quality end products.


amondi: A word of advice for business owners – what is the best way to prepare for venturing into new markets?

Nordin: It’s important to recognize the needs of a specific market, find your place there and bring something new to the table. Also, I’d say that going into new business ventures with an open mind and a lot of flexibility is always a good approach. The rest mostly comes down to ‘learning by doing’.


Hopefully, we’ve given you an interesting look into our workflow. If you have any questions, or you would like to bring a project to life with our help, feel free to get in touch!