Nordin Trobradovic | 03/08/2020

First things first: If you’re not using or not planning to use WordPress, WP Engine is not for you.

WP Engine is a high-end managed WordPress hosting provider founded in 2010 and one of the first web hosting companies offering premium WordPress hosting. Many other providers have followed their steps since then in offering managed hosting. Today WP Engine is the leading player in the industry, hosting over 120,000 websites including many large brands like Under Armour, Hello Fresh, SoundCloud, etc.

But what exactly is managed WordPress Hosting?

For WP Engine it means taking care of many technical aspects like security, page speed, scalability, cost-efficacy, reliability, assuring customer satisfaction through a defensive policy, and outstanding support.


WP Engine offers the highest level of security by not only managing your threads but also guaranteeing for the site’s safety by proactively finding solutions for issues, in the worst case even covering all the clean-up costs (possibly thousands of dollars) related to security breaches. And the reason why they are in a position to offer such a ”risky” guarantee is by making sure security breaches don’t even happen at all involving 3rd party experts checking the security of their platform regularly.

Page Performance

Through the ”Page Intelligence” service from WP Engine you get a live web page speed performance tool integrated into their dashboard. Thereby giving you detailed real-time insights on page performance and even more importantly, suggesting technical optimizations for performance enhancement.

WP Engine even outshines the two top WordPress hosting providers BlueHost and HostGator.


Through partnerships with and optimization of AWS and GCP for WordPress, WP Engine enables lightning-fast, scalable, highly available, and secure experiences. Generally WordPress hosting, due to its complexity, is quite hard to scale so WP Engine created the so-called EverCache solution, a scalable architecture making WordPress sites undoubtedly fast and highly scalable by, on the first hand, serving content on data centers all around the globe delivering each byte from the closest server to the users’ location. On the other hand, stands a custom code solely developed to connect WordPress events to WP Engines super-fast front-end Nginx-based systems enabling aggressive caching while simultaneously having responsive updating of new posts or code.

Additionally, it also protects from bots crawling your site and breaking the backend with pointless requests.


WP Engine highlights support as one of its main advantages, and it’s clear the company has a lot to offer. Their responsive 24/7 live chat support connects you within minutes to highly trained, qualified support professionals who know the ins and outs of your WordPress site and server. Their award-winning support team guides you during your onboarding phase, helps with launch readiness assessments and any kind of WordPress related questions that may arise, and of course partners in resolving critical site issues at any time.

For Developers

Some more included stuff WP Engine offers:

  • StudioPress: 30+ powerful premium themes for high-end page building
  • Genesis: Worlds best WordPress framework
  • Auto-migration of existing pages
  • Overnight automatic backups of your sites
  • Extended staging with three environments and version control
  • SSL Encryption
  • Two-factor authentication for logins
  • Git integration
  • 24/7/365 live dev support

All this comes with a price of course. WP Engines plans start from 280€ per year for the smallest one-site startup plan and scale up to over 10,000€ per year for premium dedicated VM plans. The price is quite a bit higher compared to other hosting providers, but your alternative is paying a lower hosting fee for a slow website that doesn’t impress your customers and is more vulnerable to outside attacks which can result in much higher costs after all.

“Many times, hosting is an afterthought and the decision gets made based on how cheaply it can be purchased. Cheap or shared hosting can leave you hanging when you get a lot of traffic or someone tries to hack the site.”

– Austin Gunter, former developer marketing manager at WordPress

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