With well thought-out web development, you offer your customer an all-round positive stay on your digital stage. We know what is important in app and software development!

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Our service at a glance


Analysis actual state
Structured planning
Targeted implementation

Database design

Overview of your data through electronic management system
Analyze internal process sequences
Backing up your data

API Integration & CMS Systems

Smooth interface between systems
Easy data transfer
Well thought-out CMS systems

UI / UX Design

User-friendly application
Intuitive operation
Positive User Experience

App Development for Android and iOS

Create an individual app
Optimize your existing app
Native Apps/ Web Apps/ Hybrid Apps

Web Development & Software Development

Create individual software
Android and iOS development
Browser-based applications

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Web Development & Software Development:

We see the big picture: Our experts come together in the field of web development. Together we follow the same path towards the harmonious, harmonious and convincing presence of your product.

Do you have special requirements for your software? You get to a point where standard software is no longer enough for you? Whether it’s complex process structures or network/real-time supported systems, we support you with individual software, both for Windows and MacOS-based systems (native applications), as well as browser-based applications (SPA, PWA). Whether Android or IOS Development suits you better? Let us talk about it!

App Development for Android and iOS:

How many apps have you already installed on your phone? How many of them do you use every day? On average, 33 apps are installed on each mobile device – and the trend is rising sharply. You can choose to optimize your existing app or have a new app created. We distinguish between native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps. Each of these variants brings with it its individual characteristics. We analyse your individual starting position with regard to technical requirements and develop the right app for you – web-based, native or hybrid.

App Development is one of our favorite tasks. Our best tinkerers in the team take care of the creation and/or optimization of your individual app.

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amondi UX UI

UI / UX Design:

Ui/UX design also plays an important role in the area of web development. Applications, whether mobile apps or websites, are becoming more and more complex – not only in development, but also in operation! Our programmers attach great importance to a user-friendly and intuitive application.

The User Interface (UI) is the graphical user interface, acts as an interface between user and application and is an important measurement criterion for optimization. Your customer should focus on the essentials (your product) and feel the user experience as very positive.

We can measure which special requirements your website/app/online shop should meet on the basis of the User Experience (UX). It describes the entire experience your customer has.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to dive into web development & software development. That’s what we’re here for!

What Website Design by amondi means to you

You know it from your own experience. A modern web design catches your attention and makes you curious about more. The first few seconds determine whether you stay on the site or not.
We know why visitors don’t become your customers. Because a professional, modern website design is the first contact to the potential customer and the flagship of your product. Our team of specialists attaches great importance to putting your product in the spotlight not only visually with a modern website design, but also technically, with a responsive website design. Would you click on Google Search to page three?
See – we don’t see either