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Brand Management

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Destination Management

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3D Services

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Logo Design, Illustration & Graphics

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Social Media & Advertising

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Image films, animations & photography

Image films, animations & photography
Introducing the product refreshingly
Explain processes in a simplified way
Generating curiosity

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Branding, Logo Design & Graphics

We take care of your branding. Whether you want to completely rebuild your brand or reposition yourself, we create an emotional relationship and the necessary trust between you and your target group. Our brand management includes complex processes and methods that can be implemented at all levels of your organization. The first impression counts: your logo pops up everywhere, because it is the first thing your customer will see. We make sure that your logo design reflects your company values. Illustrations make your brand’s appearance even more attractive. Our creative graphic designers and illustrators ensure your all-round refreshing, inviting branding with recognition value – because there is no second impression.

Social Media & Advertising:

We all know Facebook and Instagram, because almost everyone uses it privately. But how do you use it optimally for your own company? Which social media channels are particularly suitable for your product? Social media marketing has become an elementary part of corporate communication. For successful branding, Facebook & Co can no longer be imagined. We develop the optimal social media strategy so that they are present on the relevant channels. Just being there somehow is clearly not enough to stand out from the crowd.
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amondi 3D

Film, photo and 3D services:

Movement generates attention. Your brand needs attention! Image films and animations are media formats that are becoming increasingly popular for branding. We create explanatory videos and tutorials and make visible what distinguishes your company/product in front of others. In order to round off your online presence, we attach great importance to high-quality photos that adorn your online presence – because, pictures say more than a thousand words. Photos that have never been photographed? Imagine giving your customers the opportunity to present your product before it’s finished. The virtual experience is implemented so realistically by our 3D experts that they can’t distinguish themselves in the end whether your product really exists or is still in development. What else makes our 3D service? Rapid prototyping, i.e. the rapid delivery of prototypes. Show your customers what added value you will create for them in the future and offer them a refreshing experience with your cooperation – with our support.

What digital marketing by amondi means to you

Do you know how to best reach your customers? What forms of speech do they do justice to? Before you leave, you should have a good way to plan. We accompany you and avoid expensive detours. Our marketing foxes ensure that your digital marketing turns from a cost factor to a calculable investment. Profitable online marketing measures for your small to medium-sized company that give your product a recognizable branding. We have the all-round view: Build reach with effective social media marketing, so you can achieve measurable success in the “real world”.