Process Design

The quality of your business processes is critical to the success of your business. As you know, the devil is in the detail here – but mostly in the detail of the process itself and not in the tools used!

We use your existing experience to model individual, innovative and well-thought-out work processes!

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Asana Integration

A new way of working teams together —effortless, structured, transparent, and solution-oriented—in other words, efficiently! Achieve your goals and stay informed about everything at the same time. Asana allows you all this! Put an end to time-consuming and energy-consuming discussions about timing, reporting, and project status, and create more room for creative thinking and clarity in terms of dates, priorities, and responsibilities!
We support you in the initial implementation or system administration and provide you with valuable input regarding the design of your work processes!

Atlassian Integrations

Agile, Agile, Atlassian! The Atlassian product range is very diverse, but all the tools have one thing in common – they increase your productivity enormously: flexible planning, transparent implementation according to individually modelable processes and measurable results!
We actively support you in the implementation and configuration of your Atlassian product and let you benefit from our experience in the design of your work processes.

Hubspot CRM Implementation

Hubspot, one of the leading customer relationship management tools, is designed to provide you with an easy and quick start to the organization of your customers and potential customers. For a quick start to the efficient application, the CRM software is also equipped with automatisms at crucial points.
We are happy to support you in the implementation and use of this tool with our experience! In this way, we help you to significantly increase your efficiency in terms of customer management!

Hotjar Integration

Have you ever wondered how users behave on your website? You should! Heatmaps, funnel tracking, user surveys and feedback, mouse and click tracking – with Hotjar you can find the right answers to your questions!
We help you improve your site’s conversion rate and help you back the success of your web campaigns with qualified data.

Excel / VBA Solutions

MS Excel is one of the most widely used and at the same time the most underrated Office applications of our time. Because used correctly, it opens up unimagined possibilities for you!
Whether input masks, data processing, reports, complex product calculations or financial planning – everything is possible with Excel & VBA!
We support you both in the revision of your current VBA applications as well as in the realization of new tools – of course also in combination with your existing SQL or Access databases!

MySQL Databases

Do you need a server or already have MySQL databases? We support you with setup and installation as well as server administration. For example, a VBA-controlled Excel (frontend) combined with so-called stored procedures and views on a MySQL database (backend) is a powerful, cost-effective and fast solution that is often and gladly used in the Finance & Controlling area. If you are interested, we can demonstrate to you how simple but effective such a solution could look in one of your use cases!

What Process Design by amondi means to you

A well-thought-out, individual process modeling is decisive for the success of your company. In this section, we’d like to give you a brief insight into how we work so that you can better imagine the future collaboration.

Understanding and describing
In process design, it is primarily important to understand the different perspectives and the varying demands on the process – in other words, the goal of the process. In this way, an innovative work process can be developed step by step – and taking into account your experience – which constructively brings together the perspectives of different interest groups.
At this point, the important question arises as to which process steps can be carried out automatically if necessary. We try to fully exploit the potential of new technologies such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) or AI (Artificial Intelligence)!
The result of this work package is a process load booklet, which describes the modeled process from a process-technical point of view.

Building system
If the TO-TIME process has been described, the technical implementation can now be constructed. The final system architecture is again recorded in a technical specification, which is the basis for the realization of the process.

Development &
According to the specifications of the technical specifications, the process is implemented and implemented in this step. Once this has been done, the process is finally tested and released by a small, defined group of people using predetermined use cases if all specifications are met.