The first impression counts. With a modern website design, you decide whether the visitor becomes a customer. We build your stage to present your digital face optimally.

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WebDesign Services

Portfolio Websites

Meaningful One-Pages
Creative presentation of your skills
More innovative than business cards

Landing Page

24/7 Gain new customers
Sales side boosting sales
Attractive presentation of your product

Webshop / E-Commerce

Shine with your own online shop
Target-oriented design
Easy management

Web applications

Single-Page Applications
Progressive Web Applications
Tailor-made and individual

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Applying the latest trends & functions
Keyword-optimized content creation
long-term return on investment

UI / UX Design

Creative design for your website/ App/ Online Shop
Harmonious colour design
Consistent design for your product

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You are a creative freelancer and would like to present your portfolio on your website without much frills? Their skills are worth being shown in a special way. Stop boring business cards, which are thrown into the garbage after an inattentive look anyway. Your portfolio website shows your customers at a glance what they can expect from you. We create a creative and professionally designed responsive website design for you.

You want to fulfill your dream and open your own business? How about a shop that is open 24 hours a day and can be visited by thousands of people at the same time? We have the solution! We offer you the complete service you need for a successful online shop. Whether designing and implementing an individual online shop, integrating a third-party online shop or maintaining and maintaining an existing online shop – we do everything for you, including marketing. Because online is like in real life: if the customer can’t find your business, he can’t buy anything.


What brings you the most beautiful and informative website design if it is found badly or not at all by potential customers? Right, nothing!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one-off. In order to withstand the constantly changing Google algorithms, our SEO nerds ensure appropriate measures: keyword analyses, usability and conversion optimization, link building, high-quality content marketing adapted to your target group. Once these measures have been worked out and optimized, your website can build up accordingly in your niche authority – the process is becoming more and more a self-running.

SEO is so lucrative because it offers a long-term return on investment (ROI). Optimal results and more efficient search engine optimization is especially important for your success, especially at the beginning with a well thought-out concept. Where do you get that from? Of course from us!

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UX/UI Design

Just ask yourself what UI/UX Design is and why it might be important for your business? Applications, whether mobile apps or websites, are becoming more and more complex – not only in development, but also in operation! Our digital designers attach particular importance to a user-friendly and intuitive application of a modern website.

The User Interface (UI) is the graphical user interface, acts as an interface between user and application and is an important measurement criterion for optimizing your website. Your customer should focus on the essentials (your product) and feel the user experience as very positive.

We can measure the specific requirements that your website should meet based on the User Experience (UX). It describes the entire experience your customer has on your website.

Don’t worry, so deep you don’t have to dive into the topic of website design. That’s what we’re here for!

What Website Design by amondi means to you

You know it from your own experience. A modern web design catches your attention and makes you curious about more. The first few seconds determine whether you stay on the site or not.
We know why visitors don’t become your customers. Because a professional, modern website design is the first contact to the potential customer and the flagship of your product. Our team of specialists attaches great importance to putting your product in the spotlight not only visually with a modern website design, but also technically, with a responsive website design. Would you click on Google Search to page three?
See – we don’t see either