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In all aspects of our work

Whether it’s finding complex solutions for the needs of clients or upgrading our own processes and workflow, we love coming up with innovative ways to take on a challenge! Make mistakes, ask questions – the process might be imperfect, but it’s the result that counts.


Forget about the classic work day

Internally, flexibility stands for the fact that we work where we want, when we want to. As long as communication is open and deadlines are met, we are good to go! As a client, you might recognize our flexibility because we are always willing to adapt and go the extra mile.


We trust each other's judgement

…and we believe that our flexible approach and work relationships based on mutual trust only contribute to the quality of work that gets done. You can trust that we will always deliver to the best of our abilities.

Always on the grow

Our vision for the future is growth

If you recognize what we strive for, if it matches your personal and professional values and it’s reflected in your work, you will grow as our company grows. We value individuals and partners who share our vision.


Not see through, but we are honest

Transparency goes both ways on our projects – we are always available for questions and provide honest answers. Within our ranks, horizontal and vertical communication is open and transparent, and opinion sharing is always welcomed.

The story

The amondi story began five years ago, with more significant expansions to our team and portfolio in 2020. Young, innovative, and flexible people from different backgrounds make our team and workflow unique. Colleagues from our offices in Zagreb, Koprivnica, and Germany, as well as external collaborators, give an array of different perspectives and approaches to each project.

Who does what, you may ask? The German branch handles what they do best – administration and business development. Zagreb office is focused on sales and marketing, while most of our dev team is based in Koprivnica.

Amondi Team

What's it like at amondi?

You’ll have to spend some time with us and find out! Jokes aside, some of the typical agency elements are missing and yet, everything gets done. We take pride in sticking to our principles, growing sustainably and communicating openly.