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Favarger webshop


The backstory

A Geneva chocolatier since 1826, Favarger has been making exceptional chocolate in the same way for almost 200 years. The Favarger philosophy is simple – real chocolate, made by real people, using the best ingredients the world has to offer.

There is, without a doubt, an abundance of know-how, legacy, and tradition woven into each Favarger product. However, is that enough to make it stand out amongst other Swiss-made chocolates?

In preparation for our project, we’ve come to find that apart from an appreciation for both tradition and innovation, Favarger also dares to try new things. Precisely that would turn out to be the thing that sets them apart from the competition.

The Challenges & Objectives
Giving a modern twist to a traditional business

Our clients expressed a desire to develop a more modern and approachable brand identity. Their tradition makes up the foundations of their work, but they were also eager to keep up with the times and try new concepts.

Visiting a Favarger boutique is an experience in itself, but the company also wanted to provide customers worldwide with the opportunity to enjoy their chocolate; an affordable luxury, a not-so-ordinary treat. A webshop waiting to happen – that’s where we step in!


The work








The approach

In order to achieve a more modern look and feel, we started by refreshing the brand’s visual identity. Stepping away from the traditional white and gold combo, Favarger took on poppy new colors and a new logo. Accordingly, the design reflected the new direction we were taking – clean, fresh, and modern.  

Apart from a desire to refresh their look on the outside, Favarger was changing their assortment on the inside. Next to the classics, there were new products to organize, new categories to come up with, compelling titles and descriptions to write. 

Features & Functionalities



Cart Drawer API

Duties calculation for different product types

FedEx and DHL Automation

Custom B2B Integration

Tools & Technologies:
  • Shopify’s theming system and Liquid templating
  • Shopify’s object/properties, AJAX API, and Meta fields
  • ThemeKit & Gulp

Happy with the service

Great company, they completely redesigned our website and conducted the SEO analysis for us. Extremely happy with the results and great service.

Fran Rajić, COO – Favarger

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