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The backstory

Based in Vienna, Thomastik-Infeld has been developing and producing music strings of the highest quality and the vastest range since 1919. Their progressive and innovative approach has revolutionized the music world ever since. With more than 100 years of experience and research invested in them, these Viennese strings impress on streets and stages all over the world, daily. They are played enthusiastically by musicians of all genres.

We were more than happy to create a site that would be a worthy representation of the Thomastik-Infeld legacy. A place where musicians and music enthusiasts go to find the perfect strings, get their questions answered, and even learn a thing or two!

The Challenges & Objectives
Hitting the right notes of ERP implementation

Our starting point was the idea of simplifying the shopping process and helping buyers easily navigate a big assortment of similar products.

We decided to create a shop with a fully synchronized Odoo ERP connection. A complex product assortment with many variations and different options was waiting on us to organize it, automate the product syncing and the supplier orders. Add an automated feedback management tool to the mix and you get a curious blend of tradition and innovation.

Thomastik strings with mobile cart

The work





The approach

Our main priority was to ensure a simpler shopping experience for the buyer and a simpler product managment system for our client, which is where the Odoo ERP implementation came in. Fully automated product syncing and supplier orders, as well as a registration option for B2B buyers made the whole product management process smoother.

We also created a feedback management tool which automatically sends feedback forms to users based on their latest purchase. The customer gives feedback on product durability and quality in a simple and effective way. Count in the integrated webinar tool, and you get a great customer journey!

Features & Functionalities

Integrated webinar tool

1on1 consulting

Integrated webinar tool

1on100x events

Feedback Automation

Tools & Technologies:
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • WP Engine
  • Odoo ERP implementation

A challenging assortment organized to perfection

The biggest challenge of this project was the wide assortment of similar products. The search options weren’t user-friendly and the customer couldn’t easily find what they were looking for. I’d say that with some good systematization we managed to arrange the shop in a way that simplifies the whole process and allows the customer to shop with ease.

– Antonio, amondi Developer

The result

Smooth operation of shop with Odoo ERP implementation between the Croatian and Austrian company.

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